Losing a job on purpose: relationships with borderline personality symptomatology.


AIM The purpose of the present study was to examine one facet of employment viability, losing a job on purpose, among individuals with borderline personality symptomatology (BPS). METHODS Using a cross-sectional self-report survey methodology in a combined sample of four prior studies from the same study site (n = 1493), we examined the relationship between losing a job on purpose and two self-report measures for BPS. RESULTS There were 7.6% of participants that endorsed losing a job on purpose, with no statistically significant difference between the proportions of males and females. Point-biserial correlation coefficients revealed that those who endorsed losing a job on purpose scored statistically significantly higher on both measures of BPS and were more likely to exceed the clinical cut-off scores on both measures of BPS. Multiple regression analyses indicated that findings were independent of gender or age. CONCLUSION One factor in poor employment viability among individuals with BPS appears to be the behaviour of losing a job on purpose.


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