Impossible Realization of Neutrino Resonance Oscillations Enhancement in Matter


In this paper, we study a photon, a massive charged particle, and a massive neutrino passing through matter. The hypothetical left-right symmetric weak interaction, which is used in Wolfenstein’s equation can generate the resonance enhancement of neutrino oscillations in matter, which disappears when neutrinos go out into vacuum from matter (the Sun). It is shown that since standard weak interactions cannot generate masses, the laws of conservation of the energy and the momentum of neutrino in matter will be fulfilled only if the energy W of polarization of matter by the neutrino or the corresponding term in Wolfenstein’s equation, is zero. This result implies that neutrinos cannot generate permanent polarization of matter. This leads to the conclusion: resonance enhancement of neutrino oscillations in matter does not exist. It is also shown that in standard weak interactions the Cherenkov radiation cannot exist. PACS: 12.15 Ff-Quark and lepton masses and mixings. PACS: 96.40 Tv-Neutrinos and muons.


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