Susy and the Decay H


In this talk I present a detailed SUSY QCD calculation of the decay rate of the lightest Higgs boson H 0 2 into two gluons, where all quarks and scalar quarks are taken within the relevant loop diagrams. I include the mixing of all the three generations of the scalar partners of the left and right handed quarks and show that their contribution is comparable to the quark contribution in the MSSM for small values of the soft SUSY breaking parameter m S. Furthermore in the MSSM the contribution from the bottom quark becomes as large as the top quark contribution for large tan β and large Higgs masses. As a result, the two gluon decay rate of H 0 2 is much larger than the two gluon decay rate of an equal mass standard model Higgs boson. I further compare the decay mode of H 0 2 → gg to the similar decay modes of H 0 2 → cc including one loop QCD corrections and show that in some cases Γ(H 0 2 → gg) is even higher than Γ(H 0 2 → cc).


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